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Common Assets Links
  • NEW -- It Belongs to You --The Sky Trust Initiative

  • Does Commerce Really Own Everything? The Privatization of Public Space

  • Absurd -- Can Corporations Own Common Words and Phrases?

  • The most direct and obvious way that common assets drop into private hands is by government transfer. Government handouts of public assets, such as tax money or publicly-owned natural resources, to private interests are called Corporate Welfare. Check out the Corporate Welfare Search Engine.

  • The New Economics Foundation has projects on Social Energy, alternative currencies and other initiatives

  • The early classic article on Patents and Copyrights and whether they can be justified.

  • 96 Notable Greens View Collecting the Value of Common Resources

  • Reports from the The 8th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property (IASCP)

  • Are the Internet and Domain Names Common Assets, Private Assets, Both, or Neither? Who governs the Internet and who should control domain names? Governing the Digital DNS Commons

  • The Corporation for Enterprise Development has been advocating a range of Common Assets initiatives.

  • The Global Commons Institute

  • Who Owns Your Genes? You may be surprised.

  • Whose Planet Are We Living On?

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